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Our Services

Starting at $100!

Listing Photos

These are the tried and true, essential way to market your listing media. Oftentimes the first impression buyers have of a home, we make sure we get these done right. We use HDR imagery to make sure all parts of the image are properly exposed. With over 150 listings shot, we are experienced in what we do, ensuring the best quality no matter what! 


Aerial Photography

Listing a home with acreage? Maybe want to show off the surroundings? Want to just get a different, unique view of the house you’re selling? We would highly recommend aerial photography! Aerial photos are almost as must with every listing, which is why they are included in every single REM Package!


Floor Plans

Using LiDAR technology, we create accurate floor plans with measurements. If you want to go above and beyond, we also offer 3D floor plans which create a more immersive way to experience what a listing offers! 



We shoot our listing videos as if we are shooting a feature film! Using cinema-level cameras, lenses, and aerial photography, we ensure that we are capturing everything the listing offers! They often offer custom graphics to heighten viewer engagement! We also offer content catered specifically for social media, with several layers of customizability in your social apps!

Twilight Media

When people see your listing on say Zillow or, chances are this is the first impression of the home. Imagine if they see a photo which is meticulously edited to appear it was taken at twilight! Our twilight images are stunning, and the stats show that if you use a twilight photo as the frontrunner in your listing, the chances of getting a click are almost twice as high!


3D Tours

3D Tours are as close as it gets to looking around a listing without being there! Taken with specialty 3D cameras and stretched together with either Matterport or Zillow 3D Home, these add a very special layer to your listing, and increase the likelihood of eyes on your listings!


Agent Branding

Here at Arkansas REM, we didn’t begin by starting real estate. Having an extensive background in commercial videography, portraiture, and building brands, we know how to create compelling branding materials to make you stand out among competitors! These services are not included in the portal. If interested, reach out to me through my contact information!

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